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Meredith Sagan, MD

Psychiatrist located in Santa Monica, CA

As with any medical emergency, when you have an urgent mental health issue you need prompt attention, whether it’s a same-day appointment in the office or a house call. At Holistic Psychiatry, Meredith Sagan, MD, understands this need, which is why she offers emergency psychiatry to her clients in and around Santa Monica, California. For immediate help for your mental health problem, please call the office to schedule an appointment.

Emergency Psychiatry

Why would I need emergency psychiatry?

Medical emergencies aren’t confined to bodily breaks and sprains. There are times when your mental health demands immediate and experienced attention, and knowing that help is available provides incredible peace of mind. Whether you’re in the throes of a panic or anxiety attack or your mind is spinning in dangerous directions, Dr. Sagan is available to counsel you and provide the assistance you need.

Dr. Sagan is a mental health strategist with access to a wide range of specialized services to address most mental health needs. 

For example, if your medications aren’t working and you’re experiencing side effects, Dr. Sagan is available to make the necessary tweaks to get you the pharmacological help to give you relief. Even if you just need an emergency prescription, Dr. Sagan is available to assess your situation.

Or if you need help with a medical document to excuse your absence from work, Dr. Sagan can again evaluate your mental health and provide you with the necessary documentation.

What are my options in emergency psychiatry?

Dr. Sagan is available for house calls if you’re unable to get to her office. Her goal is to ensure that these limitations don’t prevent you from getting the help you need.

She also sets aside a portion of her day to handle same-day psychiatric emergencies. All you need to do is simply call ahead to check Dr. Sagan’s availability and her team makes sure you get prompt medical attention.


What are the costs of emergency psychiatry?

For an emergency psychiatry house call, please reach out to the office for all pricing. For these charges, however, Dr. Sagan addresses your immediate problem and helps you through your crisis. Once your situation is rebalanced, Dr. Sagan provides you with the tools you need to move forward, whether it’s through a medication review or finding the right specialist or group for long-term management of your mental health issues.

Rest assured, Dr. Sagan is with you every step of the way and works tirelessly to get you on the right track to overcome the landmines and pitfalls that are tripping you up and preventing you from living a peaceful life.

To learn more about the emergency psychiatry services at Holistic Psychiatry, please call the office to schedule your at-home or in-office appointment.