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Throughout your life, you will form any number of relationships, whether they’re romantic, work-related, or something that you were born into. When conflict arises, you can benefit from expert management of relationship issues from a trained professional who provides the strategies you need to move forward. At Holistic Psychiatry, Meredith Sagan, MD, is a relationship strategist who develops plans to help her clients in Santa Monica, California, better handle relationship issues. To learn more, call the office or use the online scheduling tool.

Relationship Issues

What is meant by relationship issues?

Most humans form many relationships throughout their lives, whether it’s with a partner, the local grocer, or work colleagues. And relationships can be tricky under the best of circumstances, requiring ongoing and healthy interaction.

All too often, however, communications lines break down, resentments grow, and issues arise that threaten the relationship. As well, one person’s issues can cloud a relationship (addiction or depression, as examples) and Dr. Sagan specializes in treating the individual and the relationship in the face of these challenges.

What relationship issues does Dr. Sagan specialize in?

Dr. Sagan provides strategy sessions for all types of relationship dynamics, including family relationships, spousal relationships, and work relationships.

A unique area that Dr. Sagan specializes in is working separately with individual members of many different groups, including cast members, rock bands, professional work teams, and extended family members in order to increase their ability to cooperate and engage in team play. 


What are the goals of a relationship strategy session?

Many people find that counselors can be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, and marriage issues. During your relationship strategy session, Dr. Sagan assesses the relationship problem and points you in the direction of a solution. 

The benefits you obtain from the therapy that Dr. Sagan recommends depend on how well you use the process and put into practice what you learn. Some of the benefits include:

  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself, your goals, and values
  • Developing skills for improving your relationships
  • Learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Managing anger, grief, depression, and other emotional pressures
  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Changing old behavior patterns and developing new ones
  • Discovering new ways to solve problems in your family or marriage

Dr. Sagan has developed a network of providers that can help navigate even the toughest relationship issues, and she ensures that you have a strategy and treatment plan in place that will garner the best results.

For expert strategies for your relationship issues, call Holistic Psychiatry or use the online scheduling tool to set up a consultation.