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Meredith Sagan, MD

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About the Practice

Meredith Sagan, MD, MPH, is driven by a passion to help people regulate stress, heal from trauma and mental injuries, and navigate life in an increasingly artificial world. Dr. Sagan brings her life’s study of diverse approaches to healing and self-mastery to her private practice, Holistic Psychiatry, in Santa Monica, California, and her passion project, the MindAlign Institute.

As a holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Sagan offers medication management, life skills education, and relationship strategy sessions in each appointment. Dr. Sagan also offers one-time case reviews in which she strategizes clients’ needs for care, which can then be implemented by their local providers. She charges a one-time, cash-only fee for this service; the resulting plan can be implemented by a network of local providers who accept insurance

Dr. Sagan is a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Semel Institute-trained holistic psychiatrist who holds a master’s degree in international public health. She has a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry and is an expert in treating trauma and addiction through movement and body-based therapy methods.

Dr. Sagan completed her residency at UCLA, during which time she also traveled to India to study yoga therapy as a treatment for anxiety disorders. She also helped bring mindfulness research into what later grew into the MARC Institute at UCLA.

After studying with shamans, spiritual leaders, and yoga masters, Dr. Sagan realized that current leading methods often treat people at a conceptual level to suppress symptoms while insufficiently addressing their core need for lasting inner transformation. This inspired Dr. Sagan to create the MindAlign™ Method, a pioneering movement-based methodology that teaches practical mindfulness and self-regulation skills to calm the nervous system, process emotions, and quiet the mind in order to stabilize brain chemistry and find a direction forward from a place of stability and self-direction.

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