Welcome to the home of Meredith Sagan, MD, one of the many medical doctors working to pioneer the integrative medicine movement in psychiatry.

As a holistic practitioner, Dr. Sagan sees mental health issues as dynamic and energy based. Using her pioneering system which promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, Dr. Sagan’s method teaches her patients to work with themselves naturally, in combination with psychiatric medications when needed, in order to bring balance, health, wellness, transformation and peak performance into their lives.

Dr. Sagan's office is conveniently located in downtown Santa Monica, in a private and confidential location with easy access from the I-10 freeway. You are warmly invited to call 424-465-3076 today to find out if a holistic approach to psychiatry is right for you. For general information about Dr. Sagan, please visit www.drsagan.com.

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