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At Holistic Psychiatry we teach people how to move their life forward. When clients first come to us they are often in a state of deep despair, feeling anxious, depressed, having mood swings, and feeling like their life is falling apart. Many clients feel stuck and, despite their best efforts, traditional methods simply have not worked. The clients who come to Holistic Psychiatry want more. They want to learn how to move their life forward and somewhere deep down inside they are determined to find out how to do it.
At Holistic Psychiatry our philosophy is that you are not confined to a diagnosis or issue for the rest of your life, but that you can "learn and grow" your way out it. Not only are we confident that you can become who you want to be, but we are confident that we have the know-how to teach you how to do it. The foundation of our method, as developed by Meredith Sagan, MD, is called “movement-based psychotherapy," as opposed to traditional “process-based” psychotherapy. In process-based psychotherapy, people talk about their problems and what has happened to them in their life. Although it feels good to talk and be heard, many people find that after years of “just talking,” they still feel stuck. Although they may understand more about what they do and why they do it, their life is still not working and they continue to feel depressed, anxious, and unstable. Movement-based psychotherapy, on the other hand, is actually more like a mind-body training program that teaches people how to move their lives forward from the inside out. Using a combination of mindfulness, self-awareness, management of emotional reactivity, and intensive relationship training, people are able to gain the skill set needed to change their lives. Although there is a format and predictable progression of the treatment trajectory, each session is highly dynamic and no two courses of therapy are alike. However, the results are always the same in that each individual inevitably gains the ability to access their intuition and begin to live from their sense of inner guidance. Once people are connected with their Truth and can speak and live from that place, confusion clears up and life gets better.
For people who are a match for the method, Dr. Sagan routinely sees dramatic results in terms of relief from deep states of depression, anxiety, trauma, mood instability, eating disorders and addictions. Although Dr. Sagan sees clients from all age groups and backgrounds, the typical Holistic Psychiatry client is in their late teens to early 40s, is sensitive, intelligent, aware, and deeply depressed or anxious because they cannot seem to make one or more aspects of their life work (career, self, family, intimate relationships, public relations, etc). For this particular personality profile and problem set, Dr. Sagan is truly an expert at helping her clients to stabilize and move forward from habits and patterns that are holding them back. Dr. Sagan also has a subset of therapists, medical doctors and undergraduate or graduate psychology students who are studying her method of therapy while using their own healing process as their learning grounds.
Dr. Sagan's referral base varies widely and includes physicians, holistic practitioners, life skills and empowerment coaches, agents and managers for Hollywood’s creative talent, inpatient rehabilitation centers, sober living homes, traditional community based psychotherapists, and parents who want to assist their children in taking charge of their life and moving forward. Dr. Sagan’s practice is well known in the community as a type of “finishing school” for people who are just getting out of extensive rehabilitation for any number of issues including eating disorders, behavioral problems, addictions, debilitating depression, anxiety, trauma or any combination thereof. Dr. Sagan frequently works with wrap-around treatment teams, and because her approach is so different from that of other therapists and doctors, it is complimentary and does not interfere or compete with other services being offered. A unique area that Dr. Sagan specializes in is working separately with individual members of many different groups including actors, rock bands, professional work teams, married couples, and extended family members in order to increase their ability to team play and cooperate. Clients who know each other yet are seen independently comment at how each individual’s path is so different yet accomplishes the same end goal of naturally relieving states of depression, anxiety, trauma and addictions by achieving the ability to maintain balance, peace and cooperation in their daily life as well as in their relationships with others. Because Dr. Sagan is easily approachable and reachable, she is a frequently sought after psychiatrist referred to by community-based practitioners as well as residential treatment centers for aftercare. We invite you to call 310-382-1376 today to learn more.

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